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Ballroom dance lessons in North Shields

Want to impress your audience with your perfect ballroom dancing skills? Join ballroom dance lessons offered by Maureen Slater School of Dance.

A friendly approach to teaching dance

Do not let your dance performance stress you out. It should be easy and natural. With our friendly approach, we make dancing fun and ensure that you enjoy every moment of our dance lessons no matter how old or young you are.

Latin dance classes

If you want personalised Latin dance classes, then come to Maureen Slater School of Dance. We can also offer you group classes with those who are at your level or alternatively you can choose private lessons. Feel free to discuss your preferences with Maureen.

Why choose our ballroom dance lessons?

  • Individual attention
  • Convenient timings
  • Tailored lessons
  • Group or individual classes 
  • Affordable prices

Argentine Tango

A raw and intimate Latin American dance.
Argentine Tango was born in Buenos Aires and is a raw and authentic dance which, like many Latin dances, explores and tests the relationship between man and woman.

In Tango the man and woman are equal, and with the movements weaving contact and separation, the dance suggests that either partner may be seduced. In Europe, we have translated the original Argentine Tango into the Ballroom Tango.

Cha Cha

A fun, rhythmic Cuban-inspired dance.

The Cha Cha is another fun and versatile Latin dance and ranks amongst the five dances competed at international level. The dance draws its name from the rhythm of the feet on the dance floor – ‘cha cha cha’. Today’s version of the dance resembles the original Cuban Cha Cha.


An extremely passionate and intense Latin dance.
The Rumba provides the setting for a sensual and passionate duel between man and woman on the dance floor. With its pulsating and rumbling rhythms, the Rumba is the slow dance of the Latin world and often referred to as the ‘Queen’ of all Latin dances.

The Rumba is one of the five dances used in international competition style ‘Latin American’.


This is a hugely popular and romantic ballroom dance.
The world-renown Waltz captures romance and marks special occasions for dancers everywhere. Originally an 18th century Austrian folk-dance, the Waltz is one of the five dances featured in International Ballroom Competitions.
The dance is called the ‘slow’ or ‘English’ Waltz in countries where the Viennese Waltz is known as the Waltz.


Brazilian inspired Latin American dance.
The Samba leapt from the streets of Rio, Brazil. However, the Samba performed in the international competition style ‘Latin American’ is very different to the original Brazilian party dance.

Paso Doble

This dance is a provocative Spanish-inspired performance.
During the Paso Doble, the dance floor becomes a Spanish bullfighting arena; the man is the matador and the woman is the flowing provocative cape that entices the bull.
This dance, with its constant echoing of the Spanish Flamenco, is one of the five international ‘Latin American’ competition dances.


The fun and energetic Jive comes in many forms.
There are many different styles of Jive that have adjusted to the various music phases throughout the decades. The 1920s Lindy Hop, 1930s Jitterbug and Boogie Woogie, 1940s Swing, 1950s and 1960s Rock ‘n’ Roll and French Jive are all styles of Jive. The dance is one of the international ‘Latin American’ competition dances.

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